I01瀞白●居家 2 Bedroom

  • I01瀞白●居家  2 Bedroom
  • I01瀞白●居家  2 Bedroom
  • I01瀞白●居家  2 Bedroom
  • I01瀞白●居家  2 Bedroom
  • I01瀞白●居家  2 Bedroom
  • I01瀞白●居家  2 Bedroom
  • I01瀞白●居家  2 Bedroom


非常感謝您參攷我的房型! 這箇房型是出租型的公寓


客人的進入範圍 房間中是妳專用。像請自己的家一樣地自由地使用。


- 登記及檢驗由於預定時間嚴守拜託您了。


This will be a private apartment all for you! You will receive the key and you can come and go as you please of course.There is no curfew.

★The apartment is ONLY 12 minutes walk Dotonbori!! You can enjoy Namba, Dotonbori by walk.

Dotonbori is just awesome. Everything is here. If you want to stay out late and not have to worry about a taxi or getting home then this is definitely the place for you!! .
it is a perfect place to call home when you stay out all day exploring the city

15 minutes to walk to Nipponbashi subway station(the nearest station)
25 minute's to walk to JR NAMBA and NANKAI NAMBA station
20 minutes to Shin-Osaka station by subway

2 double size beds
1 sofa bed

1-2 people with plenty of space.
3-4 people comfortably.
5-6 people ( this would be tight )

---Kitchen with Stove and basic cooking utensils.
---Fridge, Microwave, Hot Water Pot, Hairdryer,
---Washing Machine (wash and Dry)
---Bedding, Towels, Basic Toiletries
--- Air conditioners / Heater
---bathroom Hairdrier , Shampoo

before 10am --check out (our staff start to clean the room up 10am)
11am~3pm ----cleaning(it's ok to come to drop your luggage off in the living room in this time ,let me know that time please)
after 3pm ------check in(you can use the room)
if you need to keep your staffs after check out 10am
please use coin operated locker around a station


退房之後我們會收回拉圾。 退房之前的吧拉圾收到一起、如果在乱七八槽的時候入住之前同様的乾淨。必要支付的。 基本需要5000日元的清掃費用。如果房間的狀態太差(物品壞掉了、室內吸烟、垃圾遍地等)需要追加費用。 我們沒有每天打掃服務。 毛巾,床單,被單這也沒有服務。 please do not be too loud and noisy since garbage rule is strict here in japan so please tide up and leave the garbage inside of the room please treat our place like your home and clean up the room lightly before you check out no smoking in the room and at the balcony Please respect other people living in the apartment We are hoping that you will have a great stay with our place!


-日本橋站∶約徒步4分 - 自選商場∶約徒步5分 - 便利商店∶約徒步3分 公寓周邊娛樂: 公寓周邊有大型量販店、服裝店、咖啡店、餐廳等,便利商店,可以為您的生活提供便利。 ☆主要交通區域 -公寓周邊有量販店、服裝店、咖啡店、餐廳。 -從世界各國來的各式餐廳和和風餐館 -購物街,百貨店等等都可以走到 -心齋橋商店街 -難波商店街 -難波高島屋 -難波PARKS -難波CITY -大丸心齋橋店 -吉野家 (大阪地區路標上均有英語、日語、漢語、韓語四種語言提示) 機塲至目的地的交通管道: 1、接機服務(四人以下16000日元,四人以上九人以下22000日元),我們可以提供接機服務電話 2、出租車(20000——30000日元/車) 3、地鐵/公交車(1160日元/每人,需要進行一次中轉到達目的地附近,步行至房間5——10分鐘,打車至房間最多1000日元每車) ●Nearby attractions● Osaka Castle Dotonbori(15 minute walk) Aerial Garden Observatiory AQUA LINER (Pleasure Boat) Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Tsūtenkaku Tennōji Zoo Universal Studios Japan ●Neighborhood● convenience store café bar Various restaurants (e.g. Okonomiyaki -Japanese pizza-) department store shinsaibashi shopping street Answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Train Information: Train timetables are provided on 2 websites. Search for Hyperdia or Jorudan Trains in Japan. You can find prices and the names of the train lines to use. You can also find the times of the last train at night or first train in the morning. Directions: The address and excellent walking directions from the nearest train station(s) are provided in your confirmation once you have paid. Entry: Information on entry into the apartment will also be provided once you have booked/reserved the place. For your convenience, I have tried to answer all your questions ahead of time. However, please message me if there are more!! CHEERS AND HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

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